I am amazed by Thomas Friedman's astonishingly well reasoned call for restraint. Most uncharacteristic of him, in my perception of his attitudes.

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Oct 23, 2023·edited Oct 23, 2023

I so appreciate these links to credible articles, and your willingness to share your own history.

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A few thoughts,

While restraint is essential, those if us who live in a geographically protected bubble, like the US cannot begin to imagine the terror of life with adversaries on every border.

Calling the gang-rape of teenage girls and the butchering of infants a "military invasion" is, at best, a poor choice of words.

Finally, while all can criticize the methods, there are very few answers to the question of what should Israel do?

Hamas embeds in villages, launches rockets from hospitals and schools. Their charter and mandate is the destruction of the Jewish state and the death of Jews. How does one negotiate a cease fire with a terrorist organization? How are lives protected when not one Arab neighbor will accept Palestinian refugees?

A scorched earth policy is toxic to humanity and Israel's future. Humanitarian aid and safe areas for fleeing civilians are essential, but there are no simple solutions.

It's easy to criticize, or gesture vaguely towards a mythical 2-state solution, but what would you do to protect Israelis, rescue hostages, and ensure Israel's safety from emboldened Hamas terrorists?

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Very good, Comrade Goozer. I'll pass around your list of readings, along with your views.

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Thank you for your commentary.


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