Thanks for taking a pause form your August break to take on one of our favorite subjects, Big Pharma. As always, you have provided a treasure trove of food for thought for those of us battling to get America to universal healthcare for all. I believe that the Republicans stripping drug pricing negotiation from private employers will come back to haunt them. While the pharmaceutical companies will try to cost-shift drug prices to private insurers, it’s unlikely that major employers with self-funded plans will accept such attempts without major push back. I suspect that they will pressure their plan administrators with “I want what Medicare’s getting.”

In my view, this could split the longstanding alliance between PhRMA and AHIP and afford an opportunity for America to move closer to a universal healthcare plan like the Allcare plan that my co-author Ed Eichhorn proposed in his first book in the Healing American Healthcare series: "A Plan to Provide Quality Care for All, While Saving $1 Trillion a Year." We could even see major employers buying in to support for lowering the entry age for Medicare. Do you agree?

Enjoy the rest of your break,

John Dalton, FHFMA

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