Heather Cox Richardson likened the indefensible reference to Beau Biden's death to Eugene McCarthy's unforgivable attack on a Senate aide to deflect from a lack of evidence.

Neither McCarthy nor Hur are men with any sense of decency.

In the former case, the bitter partisanship ignited a national backlash against McCarthyism.

A similar dynamic will play out with national media's craven coverage standing in stark contrast to the barely reported fact that the GOP standard bearer found liable for rape, defamation, and fraud ALSO misidentified his rape victim for his former wife and continually refers to his political rival as the former Speaker of the House.

Hur's nakedly partisan attacks are a standalone stain, but the unrelenting glee of the NYT's in highlighting this nonsense will begin an erosion of subscribers who have finally had enough.

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The indecent people in this debate over Biden and Trump are the people who are defending them and pushing for their elections in November.

Nobody who cares about America and the world would do such a thing.

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Anyone who has been following Joe Biden's career for about 50 years knows that on Oct. 8, the only thing Biden cared about was talking the special counsel's prosecutors out of indicting him.

His flacks were taking care of the Oct. 7 thing. Maybe that is why Biden has done a 180 on Oct. 7 and Israel and is now doing more than anyone else to defend Hamas and the Gaza Strip residents who cheered the Oct. 7 massacre.

Why isn't the media focusing on Biden's self serving, dishonest and irrational insistence on finishing his term and running for a second term?

Is it because the Hamas networks, MSNBC and CNN, are like Biden?

They are more concerned about keeping their viewers in Dearborn, MI, than about helping Israel win the war that Hamas and its predecessors started in 1948?

What Mr. Biden is showing is what a lot of people have known for decades. Biden and Trump are two peas in a pod. And neither is fit to be president.

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Sure. But GOPers are gonna GOP, as Ryan Grim points out in a discussion on this subject with Sam Seder recently (see "The Majority Report" on YT). They're all partisan hacks par excellence. And by even dignifying them with an (outraged) response, you are just lending them MORE credibility and further feeding their Fauxnews outrage cycle grift. Biden's primetime meltdown this week alone should yield Hur a whole slew of profitable appearances across the Murdoch, Sinclair, et al media empires, for example. And while there remains a razor thin firewal between Murdoch's news and entertainment divisions, we are talking about a network that routinely replies to defamation lawsuits with the formal legal defense that "we can't be sued for defamation, because we are strictly in the entertainment business, and nothing we say should ever be taken seriously by a rational person". But that doesn't make appearing on Fox-and-Friends any less profitable to invitees.

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