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If there is no problem, I am going to put much of this over at Angry Bear, an economics blog that has been around a long time.

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Very interesting to pair hospital systems dropping out of MA plans with the STAT exposé on denial-via-algorithm. As to stopping the MA juggernaut, though: I was surprised to read recently, via a study by Lanlan Xiu et al., that MA growth is primarily a result of people switching *into* MA from FFS:

"We found that switching from fee-for-service Medicare to MA more than tripled between 2006 and 2022, whereas switching from MA to fee-for-service Medicare decreased, with the change rates accelerating since 2019. The share of switchers among all new MA enrollees rose from 61 percent in 2011 to 80 percent in 2022."

I fear that the premium difference btwn MA and FFS + Medigap (for those who don't get an employer-sponsored supplement) is just too great for many people to withstand, especially as their resources dwindle. Most MA enrollees pay only the Part B premium, $164/month this year, as opposed to Part B + Part D (say $30-40/month) and Medigap (say $100-200/month). As the STAT indicates, it's all too often "pay now or pay later" (via MA OOP exposure and denied care), but $164 vs. $320/month is a deal that many can't refuse.

Link to the study re MA switching: https://www.healthaffairs.org/doi/10.1377/hlthaff.2023.00224#:~:text=We%20found%20that%20switching%20from,to%2080%20percent%20in%202022.

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Oregon’s Samaritan Health is hardly dumping MA. They are merely booting UHC. They want to move everyone to their very own MA plan. Why leave capitated money on the table?

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Huh. $334/month for two, right? My wife just started Plan N (UHC) in NJ for ~$120/month, which seemed low to me: I guess it rises with age, as both our parents were paying +/- $200/month. Re the Part D: is it feasible to switch?

I'm kind of surprised that LTC is as low as that: I've assumed there's no feasible pricing for it.

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