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Good morning Merrill from AZ:

I am happy to see your continued words on the topic of pharmaceuticals, how it eventually gets to people, and at what cost. Government funding does play a large part in a drug's research and discovery which falls by the wayside when it comes to pricing.

To build on the words "Owning the Sun," I would add the words of Jonas Salk who probably was the basis for the former quote. In 2019, I added his words it to my commentary on the over-the-top pricing of three medical drugs included in which one was a delivery device.

"Jonas Salk had a simple answer when asked why he did not patent his vaccine; 'Can you patent the sun?' Salk was not called the “Father of Biophilosophy” without reason . . . a philosophy taking in epistemological, metaphysical, and ethical issues in the biological and biomedical sciences."

Is it really a discovery, the repackaging of the device (2 instead of one pen consisting of costs of ~$25) and labeled as EpiPen? Or Vimovo (Aleve and Nexium)? Or maybe Azer's Humalog, an old drug? $millions made by companies with little R&D and in one case the blockage of a generic device.

As far as costs? Fred Upton sponsored the 21st Century Cures Act which delivered support to medical companies. Fred was also instrumental in the blockage of the Risk Corridor for the PPACA causing companies to withdraw from providing healthcare plans. In any case, companies are able to be profitable, some even more so, as paid by citizens via the Gov.

Social and ethical behaviors goes by the wayside in many instances. Have a good holiday Merrill and be safe!

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