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A new way to think about Medicare

Budgets, not piecework, work best

Health and the unemployed

Medicare Advantage advocacy

Zoo Lights in Lincoln Park

The failed promise of interoperability

The state of our democracy

More evidence that vaccines work

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

Seniors will pay for Big Pharma price gouging

Medicare Advantage's ongoing scandal

Fixing primary care, part 2

Fixing primary care, Part 1

Medicare 4 All Public Programs

Weekend feature: As Li-batteries pile up ...

Why the EV revolution needs a recycling revolution, too

Why not federalize Medicaid?

Build Back Barely better than nothing

Can we extend lifespans by slowing aging?

Whose drug is it anyway?

Is there a win-win way out?

Will Dem leaders drop drug price negotiations?

Making flying carbon neutral

Advisers boost booster shots if ...

Exit glacier

Incestuous economics

A temporary end to America's endless war

Time to get serious about health care fraud

Gold Medal for Gaming Goes to Biosimilars

How to end the pandemic

Non-profits to boost unproven Alzheimer's drug

What the world needs now is booster shots?

A musical interlude for the July 4th weekend

Heat today, deaths to follow

The falling returns from higher education

How does aducanumab compare?

A populist legacy comes to health care

The All-Payer Pricing Alternative

CMS should review the FDA’s Alzheimer drug decision

Expanding Medicaid

On This Memorial Day weekend ...

The antitrust fallacy

The antitrust fallacy

The vaccine IP sideshow

In defense of the precautionary principle

Feeding vaccine hesitancy

Feeding vaccine hesitancy

Biden’s pivot on drug price controls

Put an end to pilot project-itis

The price transparency trap

The top 10 reasons why healthcare isn't a free market

Divorce healthcare style

The FDA's fast track to higher drug prices

The payoff for failed back surgery

Jobs report overstates gains for minorities

What's missing from Biden's infrastructure bill

Weekly research round-up

Did a dark horse candidate for FDA chief just emerge?

My last column for Modern Healthcare

Double, triple, quadruple jeopardy for the ACA

The next chapter in healthcare reform

The Ten Year War over Obamacare

The FDA needs a public health visionary

The cost problem facing healthcare

Pandemic drove stake into primary care

Obamacare's second chance

Vaccinate the world

$1.9 trillion isn't what it used to be

Raise hospital prices? In a pandemic?

How Raising the Minimum Wage Helps Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

The adults are finally in charge

Vaccine rollout to test Biden's unity plea

Don't forget campaign finance reform

There's time to test the one-shot strategy

Do something!

The coming conflict between competition and capitation