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The Ten Most Read GoozNews of 2022

The pandemic spending surge subsides, but ...

Podcast: Goozner on the future of health care

Next gen reform part 3: Put docs in charge

Nex-gen reform part 2: Ending variable pricing in health care

Next-gen health care reform

The coming battle over drug price negotiations

The GOP's secret health care agenda

Stop the hosing at the electron pump

The GOP's anti-majoritarian health care agenda

Collateral damage from the Dobbs decision

The growing crisis in maternity care

MA plans fail to deliver better health

The Supreme Court v. Public Health, Part 2

The Supreme Court v. public health

Behind the medical debt crisis

Hospital shakeout ahead

Religious Right targets prevention

What's a doctor worth?

Amazon's latest health care obsession

Big Pharma's Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card

Taking a break ...

Make primary care primary

A tale of two hearings

Abortion past and present

Health care reforms on the backburner

Trustbusters on the march

It's not broke, so don't fix it

Almost shot my age today

Little value from high-priced cancer care

CMS spends big on unproven drugs ...

How we treat kids after they're born

Can Tucker Carlson be prosecuted for crimes against humanity?

Now can we talk about gun control?

Health insurance prices soaring

Boost or bust

How an AMA secret society sets physician prices

Abortion in history: a reader

Disability rights activist Susan Nussbaum, 68

Our resilient seniors

In the wake of the news

The price isn't right

Will hospital building boom doom cost control?

Three takeaways from the CMS Aduhelm decision

Nurse conviction a setback for patient safety

Medicare's Disadvantage

The silent epidemics

Sutter win a setback for antitrust enforcement

Health care special interests v. Biden

Help for diabetics is on the way

The stakes in Biden's first SOTU address

Hospital CEO compensation: Why are they paid so much?

What's behind soaring CEO pay

Meaningful Value-Based Payment Reform, Part 2:

How to achieve meaningful value-based payment reform, part 1

No need for a new agency at HHS

Same old, same old in the war on cancer

Value, shmalvue

Behind the surge in Obamacare sign-ups

Staffing shortages at hospitals-- cui bono?

A brief sojourn

A mid-winter break

Snubbing public health

Will health care return to normal? Should it?

The nation's hospitals under siege