Sitemap - 2023 - GoozNews

The Best of GoozNews in 2023

First challenges for a domestic Health Corps

Use pandemic preparedness to address public health

Getting people the drugs they need

The significance of small news organizations

The history of AIDS drugs and reasonable pricing

Stinting on care, paying less

More ways than one to eliminate waste in health care

Choosing unwisely

Free speech for me, but not for thee

Assessing blame for an American catastrophe

The never-ending scandal of America's nursing homes

A Middle East reader

Hospitals invest in private equity, too

What's AHEAD?

America the insecure

Sunrise in Delaware

When will we help the caregivers?

It's still the prices, stupid

CMS hits the panic button

Lockdowns did far more good than harm

While Medicaid's enrollment purge plows on ...

Show us the data


Vaccine denialism kills

Private equity harms patients

Ditching diesel to build a healthier environment

Is a gift ever just a gift?

Time to reinvent mass transit, but how?

Why do the health economists keep getting it wrong?

CMS to give big boost to primary care

In the wake of the news

Hospitals and social investing

New front in battle against environmental racism

'Housing Is Health Care'

How journalists see Medicare Advantage

Medicaid in GOP's crosshairs

Live poor, die young

A Medicaid innovation every state should adopt

Subsidized farmers for more hunger

The hypocrisy of Big Pharma on mifepristone

Chicago's new mayor

Cuts to Medicare Advantage? Not enough, two new studies say

Structural racism in action

While private equity profits, a hospital slowly dies

In the wake of the news

A better way to curb Medicare Advantage upcoding

Et tu hospitals?

The GOP's budget blarney

Why not a non-profit Covid vaccine alternative?

Insulin update: Price cuts ... for now

The COVID-19 vaccine profit windfall

An agenda for ending food insecurity

Poor diet = poor health

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America's nursing home crisis

SOTU and health - not much new

More jobs, less health insurance

Better Medicare Advantage audits: A suboptimal approach

Obamacare enrollment hits record high

Too much sunblock on clinical trial reporting


How Wall Street, venture capital drive high drug prices

Layoffs, budget cuts hit AIDS clinics

A 60 Minutes dud

An Ode to 2022